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The Zetter


A Brand-new hostel experience that combine affordable luxury rooms, shared rooms up to 12 people, whilst also hosting unique social events for the travellers and locals of Europe’s coolest cities.

Our institutional quality discipline coupled with hands-on operational management enables us to identify and execute niche, high value-add real estate opportunities.

Siggis believes in creating alignment of interest for all participants – Brand, Manager, GP equity, LP equity & Debt. Creating this alignment and ensuring its ongoing success is a key pillar of our vision to deliver optimal returns.

The Zetter

Relationship & Results

Siggis Capital was appointed operator and asset manager in 2020 by Blackrock and implemented a full re-branding, refurbishment exercise creating a market leading “pod” hostel concept.

The portfolio is surpassing their internal fund objectives and is now being considered as part of a renewed wider investment strategy in the sector with Siggis.



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